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Electives – What to Take?

Marie Gonias, Reporter

March 8, 2018

Are you ever unsure about whether you should take certain classes or not? Here at Wantagh High School, there are plenty of options to choose from. But, since there are so many options, it’s sometimes difficult to decide. Picking...

Why Valentine’s Day Is Overrated

Morgan Berman, Reporter

March 8, 2018

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated every year on February 14 since the year 496. Through the years, Valentine’s Day has become an overrated holiday for many people. People spend hundreds of dollars on materialistic things...

Teens and Stress

Chelsea Kingston, Sports Editor

March 8, 2018

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, saddened or irritable and you don’t know why? If so, you are stressed. Stress occurs when your body feels threatened. A challenge like midterms, applying to college, or even just not having enough...

Is There Truth to These Memes?

Grace Kane, Reporter

March 8, 2018

Due to the sudden uproar in memes about the government watching us through our phone cameras, you start to wonder if this could be true. All over social media, these memes have covered users’ feeds. People have been making...

Make America Safe Again

Anna Martorella, Reporter

March 7, 2018

We are already in the month of March and there have been eight school shootings in 2018. Could you imagine trying to learn while consistently quivering hoping a man or woman doesn’t walk through your classroom aiming for...

College Costs Keep Rising

Wyatt Yustat, Reporter

March 2, 2018

The rising price of college tuition is ultimately what facilitates the social immobility that many face in today’s society. With college decisions weighing on the minds of many students, the financial burden comes into question....

Juuls Are Not “Cuul”

Juuls Are Not “Cuul”

February 8, 2018

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