The Warrior

Remember the Heroes Behind the Badge

Allie Kelsey, Viewpoints Editor

January 8, 2017

One would be a tragedy, but 135 is beyond comprehension. In 2016 nationwide, we lost an inconceivable 135 police officers. These fallen police officers were killed in the line of duty and deserve our gratitude for their service...

Let’s Get Back to School for Sportsnite

Juliet Watstein, Reporter

January 8, 2017

How many W.H.S students look forward to the end of the long holiday break? For those involved in Sportsnite, there is hype and excitement for post-break practices. Sportsnite has been a tradition since Wantagh High School opened...

Flu Sickens Scores of Students

Madison Napolitano, Reporter

January 6, 2017

Unfortunately, the week before the December holiday vacation Wantagh High School students and staff suffered from an ugly sickness that spread rapidly. Teachers and students tried to be cautious to prevent illness. The main...

A New York Holiday State of Mind

Juliet Watstein, Reporter

December 13, 2016

Getting into the N.Y.C. state of mind can be very intimidating yet it can be exhilarating. The most popular time of the year is the holiday season. The christmas tree in Rockefeller center is breathtaking. The most populated...

Global Warming Impacting Remote Habitats

Gabriela Cesaro, Reporter

December 12, 2016

Global Warming impacts the entire planet even remote habitats like Lake Baikal in Russia. Researchers have discovered that life under the ice there is vibrant, complex and very active. During the winter it is difficult for ecologists...

A Day that Lives in Infamy

Nicole Tague, Reporter

December 12, 2016

December 7 is a very important day in our American history. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese Empire attacked the American Military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.The attack killed 2,403 Americans and it was the beginning of our...

Are You Trapped in Social Media?

Annie Goode, Editor in Chief

December 9, 2016

Social media websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are amazing ways of making friends not only in your community but worldwide. In this day in age, having friends doesn’t take much effort, just look at how...

Give a Hoot Don’t Pollute

Madison Napolitano, Reporter

December 8, 2016

”I do support recycling” and “I care about our planet and species.” These are a few quotes on how our planet is being treated. However, does speaking in favor of the against these actions actually change the severe actions...

Drugs Will Destroy You

Allie Kelsey, Viewpoints Editor

December 5, 2016

The popularity of recreational drugs soared during the 1960’s. New music, different ways of expressing yourself, and a climate of freedom and carefree spirits fueled that rise. Unfortunately, since the 1960’s, drug use, types...

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