Surfing the Streets

Surfing the Streets

Mike Donlon, Reporter

There’s a new sport/hobby developing around the world mostly in California known as Land Surfing. Longboarding has been popular for the past few years for teenagers ages 13-18 and there is a similar version of the sport in the making.

Hamboards is the first ever company to make a Land Surfboard. Gus Hamborg is a California surfer dad with sons who love both surfing and longboarding. One day, Hamborg had an idea about a new design to create a skateboard with surfboard abilities after an accident at home one morning.

Gus Hamborg’s wife came home from work one night and drove over her son’s longboard without knowing until the very next day. The next morning, the boys came out and noticed what had happened to their skateboard. Fortunately for the boys, the accident caused the longboard to turn and move a lot smoother and the board itself resembled a surfboard with its new shape. Since that day, the Hamborgs started building longboards to work like a skateboard with a unique surfboard maneuver. The Hamborg’s company which is still new, has increased in popularity all over the west coast.

I bought my own Hamboard in June of last year and I have to say that it works like a longboard but is as smooth and quick on turns like a regular surfboard. I bought mine for $300.00 and it measures five feet in length and is made of walnut wood. Surfing the streets is a lot of fun on a Hamboard and it doesn’t require a wetsuit or for you to get wet from the salty water.

Hamboards is a new original company and is a multimillion dollar industry that people should really check out, if they want a cool and very unique longboard. Check out where you can get your own Hamboard at