Once a Frontrunning Republican, Now Tabloid Headlines


Herman Cain

Kelly Bender, Reporter

Its primary time, one year from now we’ll have our 45th president. It’s hard enough running in a presidential election, but then to have accusations of committing sexual harassment is an obstacle that may be too hard to overcome.

This is a sexual harassment suit against conservative Republican presidential nominee, Herman Cain. He came into the race well liked, as the poor southern boy becoming the CEO of Godfather Pizza, and now maybe even president. Cain says he will continue his bid for presidency, even though there are now a total five women making claims against him. Only, one of these women has discussed in detail of how he sexually harassed her. Due to the past settlement of this issue before, most of the women are not permitted to discuss details. The Cain team campaign has been looking into these women’s pasts and has found some ulterior motives in the claims. One woman sued the next company she worked for of the same claim, and another was found having financial problems around the time of the claim. There have been records showing he has worked with many of them, which makes it hard to believe when he confirms he has never meet any of them in his life.

Can Herman Cain become president or will he just become the next punch line? The Cain’s team is trying to make this go away, yet can they really handle that?