New AP Program to Debut in 2016-17

Kevin Merting , Reporter

A brand new AP program is going to be available in the 2016-2017 school year. This innovative program is designed to give students a better understanding of research, teamwork, communication, and other skills that will help you when going to college. AP capstone introduces two new courses for students to take, AP Seminar, and AP Research, both which will be taught together by Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. Naughton. In order to get the AP Capstone diploma, you must pass AP Seminar, AP Research, and four additional AP examinations. If you do not pass the four additional examinations, but still pass the new courses, you will receive a certificate stating that you completed the program and acquired important skills for the future.

“The Capstone program is a great opportunity for our students,” says Mr. Muzio, director of guidance. “For our highly motivated and bright students, it is a challenge unlike any other we have made available. It is very demanding, and upon completion, students will earn more than the Capstone Diploma. They will feel the pride that accompanies succeeding at a very high level.”

AP Seminar, the first course will be offered to sophomores in fall of 2016, but also is going to be offered to any juniors that want to get the diploma as an advantage for college search. In AP Seminar, students are going to be examining problems from multiple points of view and learn how to research topics, work together, communicate ideas, and present their research in a concise manner. AP Seminar is going to be graded through a team project and presentation, individual essay and presentation, and a written exam.

AP Research is the next stage of AP Capstone and will be offered to any students that had taken AP Seminar the year before. AP research focuses on independent research, and the ability to produce and defend an academic thesis. Students will explore an academic topic, problem, or interest of personal interest, and design and create a yearlong investigation. AP Research will be graded on an academic thesis paper of approximately 5,000 words and a presentation, performance defense, or exhibit with oral defense.