Breaking: Everything has been delayed

Kris Rickford

A heartbreaking announcement has come from Hollywood. Taking the place as the most interesting news since three days ago, every single media company on the planet has announced a delay of everything until December 31st 2032. 

This unprecedented announcement has been forcefully agreed upon by every publisher of movies, video games, manga , anime, books, and streaming services. 

All current projects are to be canceled and all actors fired. This means that the human race will not produce anything for over 10 years at least. This has also been extended to art, music, and inventions. 

Any individual who violates this agreement will be blacklisted from entering any nation and will have all assets frozen. They will also be tried for crimes against humanity. This ban on almost everything new was created since most old people hated having to keep up with new things. Unfortunately, there are old people in the government. 

This was agreed upon by almost every nation on earth. With the inability to make products, millions of people across the world are left without work and will have to actually pay attention to life, and get real jobs.