Bye Bye Finals

Gale Weathers, Reporter

The Wantagh Board of Education has officially decided that there will be no regents or final exams this coming spring. With all the trouble with wearing masks and the lack of learning from having to quarantine in the beginning of the year students did not get to learn to their full capacity and therefore it is not fair to test them. 

While many students are thrilled at this news, the teachers are not so happy. The teachers think the students should be tested to prove that they can learn in difficult conditions and can adapt. Teachers have been talking about testing anyway but the board has stated that any tests that are presented as a final are automatically exempt.  

You may be wondering about AP tests. As for now the AP tests are continuing as usual, but don’t worry with all the changes it’s almost a guarantee that the New York State AP exams will also be canceled. So kick back, relax and don’t worry about studying for finals. And one more thing…April Fools!!!