Cafeteria Announces Muffin Shortage!!

Gingerbread Man, Reporter

Due to the limited school budget, there is not enough money for ingredients to keep up with the demanding growth of chocolate chip and funfetti muffins. This unfortunate situation is bound to cause chaos. 

It is rare to see a student at Wantagh Highschool without a muffin in their hand, especially before the first period bell. Quite often, students would ask to leave class to go to the cafeteria so they can grab a muffin before there’s none left. Because of this, the administration had to send out a mass email to teachers saying that it is no longer aloud! This doesn’t stop the kids however from going in between classes to grab their favorite item off the menu. The cafeteria staff was kept very busy and it’s a shame things will start to slow down.

Maybe a new food item will arise from this shortage, or maybe not. But nothing will ever compare. I am sure there will be a huge demand to get things back to the way they were.