Parking Lot Wars

Peter Parker, Reporter

 On March 28th, two students were seen brawling outside of the parking lot, both being hospitalized and in critical conditions. Why is this you may ask yourself? Well, the Wantagh High Schools Committee took a vote on the severe parking situation and now has reduced the sacred parking lot down to 50%.

Students fight for their parking spots, and it is gruesome. Kay Oss, a senior girl at Wantagh High School was seen running over anyone who tried to take her spot away. The wrestling team has been brawling with the badminton team in a terrifying war for the spots. 

As of now, April 1st, 38 kids have been hospitalized. This didn’t just stay in the parking lots of the school. Anarchy ran throughout the streets with trash cans on fire, teachers hiding under their desks, and the freshman taking the opportunity to steal the chips out of the vending machine. 

Wantagh has seceded from the rest of Long Island, and this small hamlet may never recover from this.