The Horrible News for Black vs Gold

XOXO Gossip Girl, Entertainment Editor

Girls of all grades raided the hallways in Black and Gold with excitement: Sportsnite was finally back. After two long, sad years with the Wantagh tradition of Sportsnite being canceled, the entire community was so thrilled to welcome it back. Would it be back for good? 

The girls kicked off their seasons practicing hard and sharing so much team love. After three weeks of hard work, dedication, and happiness, they got the devastating news they were fearing. As Friday, April 1st rolled around, girls decked out in Black and Gold went about their day. Fourth period came around and an account was made. “All members of Sportsnite please report to the Gym immediately.” It sounded urgent, everyone ran to the gym in confusion on what could be happening. As we entered the gym to our two deans and Athletic Director, we all grew nervous.

 “I am so sorry girls, but Sportsnite can no longer continue.” Tears grew from every girl’s eyes as they were in disbelief. Seniors, on both teams, hugged and cried knowing they will never perform and be a part of Sportsnite again. It seemed like a dream. All of our biggest nightmares were coming to life, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Sportsnite has been a tradition in Wantagh for over 65+ years and we hope one day it will be able to go on, but the year 2022 will not be that year.