The Long Island Bull has Escaped AGAIN

Peter Moosebridge, Reporter

A 1,500 pound bull by the name of Barney was on the run after escaping from a Long Island slaughterhouse in July of 2021. After two long months the bull had finally been captured, but as we enter the beginning of spring the bull is on yet another rampage. 

As if once was not enough Barney is stumping the Long Island community with his second exploration. Only being gone for two days there have already been numerous “code red alert” 911 calls. He has been spotted halting traffic on Sunrise Highway in Bellmore and most recently charging eastward. 

If you, a student or staff member of Wantagh High School or Wantagh resident spots, Barney please do not be afraid to report the sighting to the police as well as notifying the main office. We need everyone’s effort in order to lock Barney away once again.