2013 Girls’ Softball

Shannan O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief

This year, the Wantagh High School Girls’ Softball team has been working hard to keep their position in the highest Nassau County Conference where they have maintained a .500 record and are currently 4-3.

Last year after their amazing performance, the girls moved up a conference. This year, after losing some important members of the team, the girls are working hard to maintain their title.

This season, the team traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to play in a tournament in which they won. “From that moment on, they have been on a mission to succeed,” says Coach Christine Moran.

“Mo has been our coach for years so she’s basically family to us. She’s taught us more than one can imagine in order to get our skills to where they are today. Not only is she an amazing coach, but we know she’d be there for us in any aspect of life,” says Captain and center-fielder Kelly Van O’Linda.

“We’ve all been together since little league so now it’s like a build up to where we finally are. We knew coming into the season that this wouldn’t be easy; no game we play is ever just ‘an easy win.’ We always work hard and we’re going to continue working hard,” says Captain and pitcher Taylor Corwin.

“Overall, we’re so close now that we all know each other so well that we all play as one and we always pick each other up, and it’s most of us’ last season here and we’re giving it all we got. Can’t wait for playoffs!” says senior Dianna Albanese, holding back tears.