Iaquinta Defeats Lee Again in UFC Main Event

Eddie Draude, Reporter

Wantagh own Ragin’ Al Iaquinta defeated Kevin Lee by unanimous decision in the Main Event UFC fight night, on December 15 in Milwaukee.

This make twice that Iaquinta has beaten Lee by unanimous decision.In the first fight Lee showed better sportsmanship. This time he claimed he was robbed and thought he had won easily.

The first round of the  fight could have gone either way. The second round Lee captured a takedown but Iaquinta fought out of it quickly. The third round Lee won by capturing a second takedown and almost putting Iaquinta in a rear-naked choke hold but Iaquinta had superb submission defense and fought it off.

The fourth round Iaquinta finally got comfortable and started to stand Lee up and was destroying him with heavy blows. The final round was all Iaquinta as he pummeled Lee with hooks uppercuts head kicks.

The final seconds of the fight Iaquinta put his hands down, dodged a punch then cracked Lee as the horn went off and yelled to Lee, “Same Al.”

This victory is very big for Iaquinta because now he moves up to the fourth-ranked lightweight in the world. He now most likely needs to fight once more to get a title shot. In 2019 Iaquinta might take on Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier or possibly the champion Khabib Nurmagomedov — in a rematch.

A lot awaits Iaquinta in 2019 but he will always be considered Wantagh’s champion.