The Warrior

Searching for Motivation in School

Timothy Eletto, Reporter

November 4, 2019

Every summer, I become the most highly-motivated teenager that you’d ever meet.  I’d wake up at 5:30 every morning, watch the sunrise with eggo french toast and a cup of coffee, and then I’d do whatever personal objectives...

Self Medicating with Tea

Timothy Eletto, Reporter

October 31, 2019

There are far too many people self-medicating for anxiety with alcohol and drugs.  However, after a quick google search, I found that the answer to increase motivation and decrease anxiety seems too easy to be true – tea. ...

The Bahamas—A Paradise Devastated

Julia Enella, Reporter

October 29, 2019

This past summer I traveled with eight of my closest friends to The Bahamas. We went to celebrate our sweet sixteen as a mother-daughter trip. We departed on August 15, packing 18 of us onto a party bus to the airport.  Our vacat...

Homecoming Court 2019: An Experience I’ll Never Forget

Kate Padgett, Reporter

October 29, 2019

 Ever since I was a sophomore I wanted to spend my last Homecoming in the senior section, draped in black and gold, screaming at the top of my lungs, just like the seniors before me. When I opened the Google Forms survey that GO...

Ripped Jeans and Mom Jeans Are Back

Jaclyn DeAngelo, Reporter

October 23, 2019

You might have not known but pieces of clothing or accessories we wear today came back into fashion. Little things from chokers, crop tops, ripped jeans and mom jeans came back into fashion from 40 years ago.  If you ever ...

Politics Divide Families

Thomas Rochford, Reporter

October 18, 2019

Since President Trump came into office my family has been divided about him. One side of my family says that Trump is the worst-person ever. The other side says that Trump has been doing good things and should be re-elected in 202...

Nothing Lasts Forever

Hannah Popadin-Lesniak, Reporter

October 18, 2019

One of the most recent news in shopping is the filed bankruptcy of the popular clothing store, Forever 21. At its peak, Forever 21 made $4.4 billion in revenue. The company will cease operations in 40 countries and close ...

Practice What You Preach

Ella Cetina, Reporter

October 17, 2019

October 10 is World Mental Day. Of course, I knew what that meant, I would have to tap through countless stories on Instagram with quotes about being kind and “It’s okay not to be okay.”  One thing I noticed though was that most of ...

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