Charlie Sheen Won’t Be Missed


By Jennifer Fraccalvieri, Viewpoints Editor

Charlie Sheen has brought many joys to everyone’s lives these past months. When it came to Sheen’s rants about trolls, the goddess and coining the phrase “Winning” it was clear that Sheen was losing his mind. There was also the attack Charlie Sheen made on his hit TV show Two and Half Men which consequently lead to Sheen being fired. The man to take the coveted role was Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher plays a billionaire named Walden Schmidt who is heartbroken and is going to buy Charlie’s house. Walden is a huge difference compared to Charlie Harper; Walden is a socially awkward, accidental womanizer (as seen in the first episode); who is trying to win back his wife. Ashton Kutcher’s performance was all his own and it is a sure thing that Sheen won’t be missed. The fact that Kutcher was taking Sheen’s empty spot did not shy away fans from the show. In fact “Two and Half Men” debuted to a record amount of viewers, 28.7 million viewers to be exact. What looks to be an amazing season this year for Two and Half Men, everyone seems to be “Winning”.