Give Music Life

Give Music Life

Sakshi Kumar, Reporter

Music is rapidly growing all around the world. Everywhere we look, we see children, teens, and even adults listening to the latest music on their ipod, or downloading music on iTunes. One of the things that connects us worldwide, is in fact music. But some people and public places don’t have the money to fund music or even just listen to it.

This past summer, my friend and I were so focused on music and wanted a way to give back to the musical community. We were also trying to get performances in the Wantagh School district. We researched some musical charities and foundations, and came across one that was beneficial to all schools in the U.S having interest in music. The Fender Music Foundation is a non- profit organization that gives music to any school in the U.S that cannot afford musical services or musical instruments. Whether it be because of budget cuts or any problem that arose that resulted in a loss of money or services, The Fender Music Foundation will fully fund those programs again with the help of donations. With the help of a group of friends, I set up a series of bake sales in the neighborhood every week.

The Fender Music Foundation believes that music participation is an ‘essential element in the fabric of an enduring society.’ If you go to you will be able to find out all abut the foundation and musical benefits that come from a simple donation. There are countless benefits of music that many of us are unaware of. Studies show kids and teens who participate in instrumental music scored significantly higher than their non-band peers in standerdized tests. A study of 7,500 university students revealed that music majors sscored the highest reading scores among all majors including Biology, English, Chemistry, and Math.

The foundation has also set up many events in order to raise money such as auctions, concerts, and fundraisers of their own. The Fender Music Foundation has also previously created an album called “Band Together,” for music education. Every year, a music related foundation is chosen to create an album, and that year it was the Fender Music Foundation. It features 15 different tracks from pop and rock artists. Each five albums sold would put a guitar in a classroom. For every 50 sold, they would outfit a progam with an entire keyboarding lab. Another popular event held by Fender employees was called “With a Little Help From my Friends.” Fender employees performed music by the Beatles in Phoenix. All profit went to The Fender Music Foundation. Many celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Jeff Dunham, Rascal Flatts, Bret Michaels are making their effort to help out the Fender Music Foundation.

A while back, the founder of The Fender Music Foundation, Larry E. Thomas, posted a plea for help on the official site. He says:“What if the music stops? Did you know that today, only about 25% of 8th grade kids nationwide have access to music in our schools? Or, that programs in California music and arts education have dropped almost 50% in the last 4 years? Close to home a 2001 study revealed the most of the 82 public school districts in Los Angeles County dedicated less than 1% of their total budget to arts eduction… help us reverse the trend in public schools. Help us as we assist others to provide a music opportunity to kids in high risk communities. Help us support music schools that are making available low-cost lessons in our communities.” Shortly after this plea, many events were held such as fashion shows, and musical festivals.

We raised different amounts of money each sale. It ranged from $20 to $90 each sale. By the end of the summer, we had raised about $115, which wan’t bad, but we had hopes on a higher goal. For every donation of $20 or more, we received a Fender Music Foundation shirt, which can be found on their official website. The Fender Music Foundation was able to put this money to use at a school in the U.S. Hopefully we will continue raising money for the same charity as the year progresses!