Let the Invasion Begin


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Drew Banschback, Reporter

Street art is a form of art that is created in public places. This type of art is created for the purpose of letting the residents communicate with modern-day themes like poverty, war, politics or fun expressions of the creator’s mind. Graffiti is a form of street art. Other versions of graffiti or street art use sticker and stencil art or street installations. Two street artists, one known as Joshua Allen Harris and the other only known as Invader, both show truly interesting forms of street art.

It is said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Street artist Joshua Allen Harris has made one man’s trash into stunning works of art. Imagine you find yourself walking along the streets of Manhattan you see a pile of garbage bags you think nothing of it until it begins to move slightly. The trash bags begin to raise and reveals an awesome animated balloon animal!

Harris’s first piece of art work that he placed on the streets of New York happened to be a polar bear, taping its four legs onto a sidewalk gate, so that whenever a train passed underneath the gate air would pass through Joshua’s creation giving it life.

Our second artist, Invader, is French. The 1970’s game Space invaders inspired his art. His work mainly involves him pasting characters – which are made up of small colored tiles – from said video game onto monuments that create a mosaic. A mosaic is art that involves using colorful glass shards to form an image. Invader had started his project in Paris in 1998, in his home town, which has the most invader mosaics to this date. Invader’s “invasion” has spread to over 50 cities like: Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, New York city etc. There is even a video on YouTube were they taped invader placing a Space Invader onto Los Angeles’s very own Hollywood sign. Invader’s locations are chosen simply by places that large verities of people go to.

So next time you go to a city or any other well known locations in the world. Take a close look you may find Joshua Allen or Invaders creation being admired by others.