We’ll Never Find Someone Like Her

Well Never Find Someone Like Her

Sakshi Kumar, Reporter

Adele has left us with her latest album titled 21, and no words have really been said as to when she will return to the music scene. Many fans were disappointed and worried when Adele canceled the remains of her tour, which included dates in both the UK and the US. So what’s the deal? Where did Adele go? Is she coming back?

Adele has recently been put on vocal rest and is supposed to undergo surgery to repair damaged vocal cords. Many singers have temporarily lost their voice due to the wearing down of vocal cords over a period of time. But this is different. According to www.articles.latimes.com, Adele has been diagnosed with laryngitis and vocal cord hemorrhage. During laryngitis, the vocal cords become inflamed and irritated. Vocal cord hemorrhage is much more serious than laryngitis. “Vocal cord hemorrhage results when one of the blood vessels on the surface of the vocal cord raptures and the soft tissues of the vocal cords fill with blood. It is considered a vocal emergency and is treated with absolute voice rest until the hemorrhage resolves. A hemorrhage left untreated or occuring repeatedly may result in scarring of the vocal cords, which is a condition that is much harder to treat and has permemant effects on vocal quality.”

On Adele’s official website- www.adele.tv, she has written a blog post dating October 4, 2011. She tells us that she has been having vocal problems since last January when she got the flu. Her voice got weaker and weaker until it eventually ‘broke.’ She was ordered to rest her voice for 10 days, and felt better after that so she continued on her tour. After a while, she was diagnosed with laryngitis. The laryngitis progressed and got more serious and developed into a hemorrhage. Adele is devestated by the fact that she left her fans like this. She said on www.Adele.tv, “Singing is literally my life, it’s my hobbie, my love, my freedom, and now my job. Please have faith in me that this is the only thing I can do to make sure I can always sing and always make music for you to the best of my ability.”

Adele first came out with her album titled 19 in 2008. Her hit ‘Chasing Pavements’ made it’s way from the UK to the US. It had reached number two on the UK charts. Many of us were reluctant to listen to her music, but by the time her album 21 came out in 2011, Adele reached maximum popularity here in the US. 21 has been on Billboards top 100 and iTunes top 10 ever since it came out. Her voice and lyrics have touched millions of people everywhere. Undoubtedly, she has won two Grammy Awards for her work on ‘Chasing Pavements.’ She has also won two Q awards for her work on ‘Rolling in the Deep.’ Adele has also been nominated for many American Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.

Many of her fans are doing all they can to help Adele fully recuperate. You may leave your get well messages on www.Adele.tv.