80-year-old Regis Philbin Retires

Amanda Della Ragione, Reporter

Regis Philbin has been a TV personality for more than 28 years. His last day on “Live! With Regis and Kelly” was on Friday November 18th. The 80-year-old Philbin said he would like to “enjoy life” and that is why he ended his time on “Live!” The one coveted question he has gotten since announcing his retirement from daytime TV is “What is he going to do now?” To this Philbin says “’Where’s Regis going?’” Regis doesn’t know. Stop asking me!”

Regis Philbin is no stranger to television. Logging in at more than 17,000 hours in front of the camera, I think we can all agree he is an expert. Philbin’s career dates back to the 1960’s were he is known for doing various talk and game shows. He was an announcer for “The Tonight Show”, and later had a spot on “The Joey Bishop Show” where he gained some recognition. Later in 1981, he did a national morning series with Mary Hart, who is now the host of “Entertainment Tonight.” Philbin actually founded Hart and even though this particular show only lasted 4 months, it made them both into huge stars.

Finally in 1985, Regis Philbin got his big break. He starred in a morning talk show with Kathy Lee Gifford called “Live! With Regis and Kathy Lee.” There chemistry on camera was so on, that people actually thought they were married in real life. This show catapulted both of their careers and Philbin got another great gig on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

In 2000, Gifford left “Live!” and also left Philbin without a co-host. Soon Kelly Ripa replaced her and the show was still as popular as ever in 2001. For the last ten years, Ripa and Philbin have been a big part of morning TV, but now Ripa is the one left without a co-host.

At his last show, there were many celebrities in the audience such as Donald Trump, Meredith Vieira, Katie Couric, and his ex-co host Kathie Lee Gifford. During the episode Mayor Michael Bloomberg handed Philban a key to the city. Many great things happened, but the end of the episode came and Philban gave a very nice goodbye speech.

Philbin has said that he taped a pilot for a reality TV show but in the end it just “wasn’t for me”, the star said. As for the future, Philbin makes it clear he is not retiring from TV; he just simply is moving forward with his life. Even with that being said, no new projects have been planned with Regis Philbin’s name on it.