“Paranormal 3” Grosses an Abnormal $200 Million in Six Weeks


Drew Banschback, Reporter

“Paranormal activity 3” is the third installment of the horror movie “Paranormal Activity.” It was directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost and released October 21 and has grossed over $200 million at the box office. The movie takes the form of a documentary-type look like the movies’ “The Blair Witch project” or “The Last Exorcism.” It is somewhat a prequel to the prequel. The first movie, with a budget of $15,000, was able to scare thousands of theaters filled with people. Now with the budget growing to $5 million, does the movie hold up?

Remember, this movie takes place 18 years before the event that happens to Katie and Kristi showing how – as the theatrical poster states – “the activity began.” Scary movie lovers will be pleasantly surprised with this film. They made very good use of the higher budget (POSIBLE SPOILER!) Like when one of the little girls gets thrown from her bed, it looked very realistic.

In the movie we are introduced to Dennis, the boyfriend to Julie – mother of Kristi and Katie. Dennis in this movie is a descent character. Making him a boyfriend is smart because he is trying to protect his new family and the lengths he goes to do so seem appropriate, due to the fact that he has never been a father. Julie, the mother, is probably one of the least likable characters. So much evidence of supernatural activity has gone on in the home a substantial amount of it has been recorded and even her own children have been injured and… she doesn’t do anything about it! Only after something almost happens to her, does she finally recognize the danger. As for the kids, they are VERY good actors and the characterization was average normal reactions to being haunted.

The set was also great fitting very well with the late 80’s style as well as the quality of the film they were recording it on.

The only negative to the movie is the ending. A lot of things were not explained leaving you kind of dissatisfied but it is a good movie and you’ll enjoy the ride through it.