The Star Treatment

Falyn Katzman, Assistant Editor

For some reason, the need to know what every celebrity is doing at every moment of the day has become a priority. Whether it’s serious, funny, or embarrassing, fans want to know what’s happening. There has also been an increase in paparazzi following these stars to capture their every movement, giving the stars nowhere to hide. But the paparazzi can’t be everywhere all the time. Catching one star leaving the supermarket may lead to the paparazzi missing another star doing something more scandalous, something that is more of an “OMG” moment. How far will the paparazzi go to catch stars in rare form?

Since cloning is not a possibility, paparazzi agencies have given disposable cameras to thousands of teens throughout highly populated cities in the world. If a teen catches a celebrity doing something magazine-worthy, they’ll take a picture of them, send it back to the agency, and receive a cash reward; the better the picture, the more money they’ll receive. Now, people can even take pictures of celebrities on their cell phone and text it to the agency. This is why pictures in magazines are becoming more blurry and distorted.

The US Constitution guarantees the right of a person and the person’s property to be free of unwarranted scrutiny and exposure. This would make what the paparazzi do illegal. Some believe that celebrities have no right to get angry when they are photographed; they signed up to be in the limelight at all times. For this reason, celebrities actually have less privacy rights than ordinary people, and when suing a member of the paparazzi, there must be actual proof that the defendant acted with malice.

It is not surprising that many celebrities don’t like the fact that anyone can take a picture of them and make profit from it. This totally invades the privacy of all celebrities and makes it impossible to keep anything they do a secret. Some celebrities, however, will do whatever it takes to keep their personal lives private. In 2006, Angelina Jolie traveled all the way to Namibia, Africa with husband Brad Pitt to have her baby to avoid being swarmed by the paparazzi. The country made sure that no one entering Namibia was part of a paparazzi agency, making it impossible for there to be press on Jolie’s child. The only information given to the paparazzi was that she was a healthy baby. Jolie sold pictures of her child to different magazine companies and made the profit herself, which she donated to help African children. How far will celebrities go to have some aspects of their lives a secret?