From the Writers of South Park: Book of Mormon

Eric Malmud, News Editor

The creators of “South Park” and the film ”Team America: World Police,” Matt Stone, Trey Parker, took seven years to construct and compose “The Book of Mormon,” a Broadway musical that takes jabs at the Mormon faith.

The play consists of Mormon missionaries who are sent to a small village in Uganda. They try to share their scriptures with the Ugandans but they’re more concerned with poverty, starvation, and AIDS.

The musical has over 20 songs such as “You and Me,” “Turn It Off,” and “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.” As edgy as it may be, it received an overall positive rating. There has also been a rumor of the play being turned into a movie.

The play debuted on Broadway on March, 2011, and has won nine Tony Awards. It has also become the highest-selling Broadway cast album in four decades reaching third in the Billboard charts. Vogue Magazine described it as “the filthiest, most offensive, and—surprise—sweetest thing you’ll see on Broadway this year, and quite possibly the funniest musical ever.” Even though it takes a jab at organized religion, it shows that Mormons are real people not religious brainwashed drones.

There have been few poor reviews though. The Wall Street Journal, said that the play was smutty and slick; even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually had a better review for The Book of Mormon. They said it was “measured.” They also said, “The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people’s lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.”