Miley Cyrus Seriously “Can’t be Tamed”

Nicole Genova, Reporter

While surfing on YouTube, following Miley Cyrus’s birthday, you may have found a scandalous video of her at her crazy birthday party. The video was first under the entertainment category for days. As she turned 19 this year, she had a huge celebration, where Cyrus said some things that she should have thought twice about before saying. Cyrus was born by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and ex-wife Tish Cyrus on November 23, 1992. She was brought into the celebrity world by her leading role in Disney’s in Hannah Montana. The show targeted kids and teens. Its debut was in March of 2006 and the first episode of the last season aired in July 2010. The four-year-long season was where Miley proclaimed fame. She toured for the first time in 2007-08, doing the Best of Both Worlds tour. One short year later, Cyrus started up her Wonder World tour. There had been quite a difference between the two tours.

The first tour was based on Hannah Montana and kid-friendly music. The second tour was a little racier. Cyrus wore short denim shorts on the stage while gyrating next to shirtless male dancers. It was clear that Cyrus had had enough of the kid experience with Disney Channel and was ready to become a woman, and a sexy one at that. When her music video to Can’t be Tamed premiered, the press jumped right on it. The costumes were minimal; a lot of skin was showing. She once again danced close with male and female dancers. Miley Cyrus went from the good girl on Disney Channel, to the stoner on YouTube.

In the video she says how much she loves the cake her friend, Kelly Osbourne, made. The cake was of infamous pot smoker. Cyrus says, “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f—ing weed.” The crowd laughs and Osbourne says, jokingly, “I thought Salvia was your problem, Miley.” Because in a past video posted on YouTube she was smoking salvia.

Miley Cyrus was once considered a role model for young girls everywhere. Now she can be considered a druggy, and a “dirtbag”. Others may see it as a normal stage in a teen’s life. Since she’s so famous, she is always in the spotlight. This makes her way of life look extreme because if a kid in Wantagh is smoking marijuana it isn’t publicized, put in papers, and all over YouTube. At least not all of the time.