Commercials Make Movies Seem Better than They Really Are

Alexa Visconti, Reporter

Have you ever seen a commercial for a movie and thought to yourself “Oh my god! I have to see that, it looks so good.” Especially scary movie commercials make them seem so much more scarier than they are. When I first saw the trailer for the “Devil Inside” I thought that it looked amazing and when I went to go see it the ending was horrible and it wasn’t even scary. They show you these commercials and then you go to the movies and waste your money on a ticket when the movie isnt really what it seems. The way that they make money is by selling you the commercials and making them look like the movie is going to be a hit but then it turns to be a dissapointment.

Though a recent movie came out called “Project X” which is about a huge party teenagers throw when their parents leave. This movie has received high ranks and everyones talking about it. Adults have said that they think the movie is terrible and pointless. Teenagers from the ages 13-19 say that it’s the best movie they’ve “ever seen and want to through a party as big as Project X.”

Movie critics also feel the same way in that the commercials either show too much of the movie before you go see it or that the commercials are deceiving. Maybe if the people who make the commercials for the movie didn’t show so much the movie would be more interesting and more suspensful.