The Pauly D Project

Samantha Fraembs, Reporter

Although the latest season of “Jersey Shore,” will soon come to an end, we’ll still be able to get our fix of #GuidoProblems during the off-season thanks to “The Pauly D Project,” the spinoff series starring the freshest DJ in Rhode Island.

MTV has released a trailer for the new series, which premieres Thursday, March 29, which shows Pauly D hanging out with his family in Rhode Island (he still lives with his dad) before heading to Vegas with his friends.

“The Pauly D Project,” will give viewers an insight into the life of DJ Paul DelVecchio away from the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights, as cameras document his transition from being a “world-famous” housemate on “Jersey Shore,” to a “world-class” DJ with his best friends from his home state of Rhode Island along for the ride. His entourage includes Biggie, his mentor who taught him how to DJ, Jerry, his bodyguard, and Ryan, his BFF and wingman. Together, they are “the Pauly D posse.”

The series, with 12 episodes, will share a similar format to “Jersey Shore,” with DelVecchio having the same trademark humor, swagger and distinctive haircut. However, “The Pauly D Project,” will predominantly focus on the good times and good music, and DelVecchio’s pursuit in becoming one of the world’s most successful and recognized names in the music industry.

The series will premiere on MTV on March 29 at the 10:30pm EST slot, after the rebooted “Punk’d,” series airs, and air internationally on all MTV channels, starting in June 2012. Will you watch?