The Unraveling of ‘A’

The Unraveling of A

Lisa Douglas, Reporter

Everybody waited patiently for the announced “A” day from ABC Family’s hit T.V. show “Pretty Little Liars.” The wait ended and “A” was revealed March 19. After two action-packed seasons of the four friends trying to solve the murder of their best friend and find out who has been blackmailing them with all of their secrets, the girls found out “A” was once a nerd now popular girl Mona.
The series started in the summer of 2010 based off the novels written by Sara Sheppard. The series story line somewhat followed the books but also added more action packed and drama filled problems. The story is set in, fictional Rosewood, Pennsylvania following the lives of four girls: Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily. One Night their best friend Alison and so called “leader” goes missing. A year later Alison is still not found and the girls start receiving blackmail text messages signed by “A”. They believe it is Alison because the messages are telling them secrets that only Alison had known about them. But then a few days later her body is found and the girls are left clueless. “A” tangles them up in the own lies and secrets and makes It impossible for the girls to reach out for help. After finally finding out who “A” is the girls believe their lives will be much less confusing and complicated. But the season finally left the four girls and their popular fan base with more unanswered questions than before