Don’t Accidentally Spit Out Your “Chop Suey” When You Hear Who’s Coming to Jones Beach


Dan Parker, Sports Editor

After a six year hiatus, the critically acclaimed System of a Down has begun touring around the world, and they plan on stopping at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre on August 5. Within the first week of pre-sale, the orchestra seating closest to the stage immediately sold out. When the tickets officially went on sale on May 5, the rest of the orchestra seats were either sold out or bought out to the point where only single seats were available, exemplifying the excitement and anticipation that Long Island has for the arrival of the renowned band.

The band went their separate ways back in 2006, when System of a Down performed in West Palm Beach, Florida. System guitarist Daron Malakian announced that night would be “the last show” the band would play together “for a long time,” before also announcing that System will be back, “we just don’t know when.” After the show, Malakian went on to form his own band, Scars on Broadway, which System drummer John Dolmayan also decided to join. System lead singer Serj Tankian went on to release two solo albums, the tremendously successful “Elect the Dead” and the slightly less successful “Imperfect Harmonies”.

After five years, System’s past platinum albums weren’t enough for their fans. They wanted System to reunite, tour, and possibly continue to make more albums. After weeks of rumors, on November 29, 2010, System of a Down announced they would be reuniting for a tour that stretched across Europe, Canada, and the west coast. This was fantastic news for fans of System…except for the ones right here on the east coast. Many fans were worried that System would not remain together after the end of this tour, thus creating resentment among the fans that could not get to see System play near their hometowns. Lucky for them, on April 23, 2012, the band announced they would tour the eastern United States and Canada, accompanied by another band, the Deftones.

The anticipation of System of a Down’s arrival to Long Island has been overwhelming. By the time I was able to purchase two tickets, half of the stadium was sold out. It is obvious, judging from the success of the band and the speed of the ticket sales, August 5, 2012, should be a night worth waiting for. Also, my second ticket holder has backed out, so if you’re reading this and you haven’t been able to get a ticket, think of a good bribe and get in line!