Fake Celebrity Deaths – “Just for Laughs”

Dominique Cuozzo, Reporter

When your life is always in the newspapers, magazines, and all over twitter there is plenty of room for rumors. Whether you’re a musician, reality TV star, or an actor there are always reporters, and camera men following you asking for you to make a mistake that way they have an interesting story to report on.

Kellin Quinn, lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens, recently died. Actually, that was a rumor started by false headlines. The Global Associated News stated that Quinn died in a Jet-ski crash in Turks and Caicos. Another Rumor about his death was started by Local Team News saying thatn Quinn allegedly died in a single vehicle crash on route 80. After these rumors were started Quinn tweeted “damn people are @#$$%# up! I would never drive a Champaign colored sedan” and also “I don’t ski. Yachts or power boats only.”

Today Quinn is alive and making music with his band. But Quinn isn’t the only one who has been victimized by the rumors. Megan fox, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Russell Crow were all said to have died and the only source was the Global Associated News.

The Global Associated News is known for their fake death news. The website Fake a Wish, a Web site that promotes a “celebrity fake news hoax generator.” The website was formed by an entrepreneur named Rich Hoover. He claims that it started out as a practical joke seven years ago with his friends. Rich Hoover has received hate mail and cease-and-desists letters. But with all of the fake deaths he has published he has only had two famous “dead” celebrities threatened to sue. One law suit was from NFL Quarterback, Michael Vick, and the other from Sergey Brin, the founder of Google.

Hoover says that all of the fake deaths are monitored so that none of them are too outlandish. He says that they never involve drugs or alcohol and are usually “freak accidents” that take place in random locations. He says that usually the celebrities just ignore the false rumors he created and normally just the fans are hurt. Rich Hoover says that he has a dark sense of humor and doesn’t care because he just does it for laughs.