MMLP2 Soon to Debut

Brian Hood, Reporter

Eminem, we all know the name. The white rapper from Detroit who had a rough childhood, but found his true talent in the rap genre. His most recent album, Recovery, sold over 10 million copies worldwide and went triple platinum multiple times.

Now he’s back and better than ever, putting out a new album called MMLP2, which stands for the Marshal Mathers LP 2. A sequel to his third studio album from back in 2000, which sold over 21 million copies worldwide to date. His new album will be released on November 5 and two songs from the album are available to the public. One of which, was revealed in the new Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer, which is called “Survival”.

He also promoted his new album on the MTV VMA’s, showing the album cover and an excerpt from a song from the song saying “Now this crib’s about to kick off, this party looks whack, let’s take it back to straight hip-hop and start if from scratch”.

He also promoted the album on the first Monday Night Football game in September, where he talked about it and even dropped the release date. The appearance on Monday Night Football stirred up a lot on controversy because of Eminem’s appearance, dressed in disheveled clothing and looking as if he was going through withdrawal.

The reason of the disheveled clothing and the look of withdrawal was because in 2000, when the first Marshal Mathers LP came out, Eminem was going through a major drug addiction with prescription drugs and on most of his songs, he rapped about being high. But the controversy didn’t last long as people remembered that Eminem has been sober for 5 years straight. Putting the accusations to rest was the main goal for Mathers appearing on Monday Night Football and he succeeded. After the interview, Mathers new commercial aired. His new song played in the back-round. The song is mainly a slim shady song rather than Eminem, which is like Eminem’s alter ego.