Clooney and Bullock Try to Return to Earth

Shayna Held, Reporter

Stuck in space, an astronaut, Ryan Stone, must find her way back to Earth after being in an accident with debris from a Russian missile in orbit.

The movie, “Gravity,” featured a minimalist cast, with only two characters’ faces being shown during this movie including the lead, Sandra Bullock, and the supporting lead, George Clooney. These characters, in a fight to survive, must escape the realm of zero gravity.

This movie is suspenseful, action filled, and even heart wrenching while traveling the outsides of Earth’s atmosphere.

This movie isn’t popularized by its incredible acting, but rather by its graphics. Almost every scene required highly detailed computer graphics which made the job of Bullock and Clooney very difficult. There was almost no room for improvisations and the actors had to follow extremely specific movements while acting.

While not many teens have seen “Gravity” the critics have thoroughly enjoyed it, as it received 5 stars in Newsday as well as a score of 97% on rotten tomatoes and in the box office, within its first two days, starting October 4, this movie earned more than $50,000,000 revenue.

So far, this movie has had big success and I personally recommend this movie to all audiences.