Grey’s Anatomy Season Ten

Ekaterina Tzorzis, Correspondent

Season nine’s finale of Grey’s had tons of twists, turns, and left everybody speechless. Due to a huge storm that hit the hospital, Meredith Grey had to have a C-section in the dark, a bus crashed right in front of the hospital leaving many injured (yes, including Jackson Avery), Arizona hooked up with Lauren (NOT her wife) in the on-call room at the hospital, Owen and Christina basically have a fight about who knows Owen best (both think they’ve won), and Richard Webber. Poor Webber had been electrocuted in the hospital’s basement while trying to turn on the emergency lights. But it’s now the beginning of season ten and there’s hope for the doctors and interns at Grey Sloan Memorial…But not for everyone.

SPOILER ALERT Do not read the following article if you watch Grey’s Anatomy but have not yet seen the season premiere.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – Webber is ALIVE! Unconscious, but still alive. Heather Brooks, one of the interns at the hospital, had gone to look for Webber in the basement and got into a little trouble of her own. For people out there who have no clue, when you see live wires and sparks near or in a puddle of water, don’t step in it. You will be electrocuted. Heather would have been one of those people that had no clue. Unfortunately Heather was electrocuted and later died during surgery leaving Shane feeling guilty because he was actually the one told by Bailey to find the missing M.D.

As for Callie and Arizona… There’s not really much to say. Arizona cheated and Callie is not one to forgive right away, especially cheaters. Arizona’s reason for cheating? Well, it always comes down to the leg. Callie took their daughter Sofia and is currently staying at casa MerDer and Arizona is extremely upset. How many times does she have to apologize to Callie? Apparently a million times is not enough and Callie is definitely not ready to forgive Arizona for hooking up with someone else besides her.

As for Webber, Christina is able to stabilize his heart and Bailey pushes for more surgery although they are not sure whether his heart would be able to handle it. Christina and Bailey butt heads on whether or not to operate on Richard and they reluctantly decide to look at his charts and call whoever is written down to make emergency medical decisions. To their surprise, Meredith Grey is the first listed. Poor new mom and hormonal Meredith has to now make a decision on whether or not to operate. Eventually Meredith chooses to side with Bailey, and they book an OR. Catherine Avery (Jackson’s mother and Webber’s girlfriend), despite being a great doctor herself, demands that Webber be closed up right that minute. Bailey does as she is told, although we are not sure why. Catherine has no authority at this hospital. After several hours pass by, Bailey decides to rebook an OR for Webber and gets to work. She finds whatever was wrong with him and he is put in recovery. Much to their surprise, Richard wakes up and Bailey is overly happy. Whatever she did worked and Richard is ok!

There’s much more to come in this brand new season of Grey’s Anatomy so if you’re a person who loves tons of drama and twists and turns, Grey’s is the show for you.