Bangerz #Gets It Right

Nicole Vutera, Reporter

With a much anticipated release, Miley Cyrus’ new album, Bangerz, dropped October 4. The tracks on Bangerz seem to be an urban twist on pop and country and the album covers look like something I could make on Microsoft Paint. The new album has multiple songs with guest features in the likes of Britney Spears, Ludacris, Big Sean, and etcetera. Fans have been in hysteria ever since the album’s first single “We Can’t Stop” invaded radio stations and music charts. But is the album really worth all the hype?

The first track on the album “Adore You” is a declaration of love and affection. It offers smooth vocals and a relaxing beat. The song seems to be an ode to Miley’s ex-fiancée, Liam Hemsworth, as the lyrics speak about marriage. Moving on to “We Can’t Stop”, the song that basically took over for the summer, also is a great song. Even though a lot of people had mixed opinions on it, it is probably the catchiest song I’ve heard in a while. It almost seems to be a huge middle finger Miley Cyrus is giving to the world, like a huge warning that she’ll be whoever she wants to be and she doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. Its risqué and different and its helping Miley be who she wants to be. She’s going to be whoever she wants to be and she really doesn’t care what you think.

Unfortunately, this album does have a few bad songs and we find that in “SMS (BANGERZ)” featuring pop princess, Britney Spears. It just sounds like really bad, auto-tuned version of an unimpressive rap song. All you can hear the whole song is “bangers” repeated in a whiny and wheezy voice in the background. Miley sounds so nasally in the song I’m wondering if she recorded it in the middle of allergy season. Then we get to “4×4” featuring Nelly which reminds me of a country artist attempting to rap. It’s very repetitive but not in a way that would make you want to sing it forever, but in a way that makes you want to throw your iPod out the window. “Love Money Party” is just a lot of fast talking and a weird beat. Big Sean’s verse is okay and nothing else beyond that. I can see it becoming somewhat an anthem for some people but it isn’t anything you couldn’t find in another mediocre urban/pop/rap album.

As much as I want to dislike it because of the hash tag in the title, ‘#GETITRIGHT” is one of the catchiest tracks on the album. A soft whistle in the background along with a catchy tune makes for a great song. I don’t mind “My Darlin’” featuring Future and it’s actually a good song aside from the fact that they mumble a bit in the chorus. “Drive” reminds me a bit of Miley’s Disney days but more mature. It seems to bit like “7 Things” but with an electronic beat and a more adult message. And of course, who can forget “Wrecking Ball” which is already a hit song that’s taking over radio stations everywhere.

Miley only has two letters for you, guess what they are (hint; its track 10 on the album). “FU” featuring French Montana just does not work at all. The lyrics don’t flow at all and it sounds like very bad country music that was attempted to be remixed into techno rap. Even though Cyrus provides strong vocals it all gets lost under the overpowering beat and rhymes a six year old could probably think of. “Do My Thang” is a track that could and should be overlooked. “Maybe You’re Right” and “Someone Else” are some of the better tracks on the album. They don’t sound like wannabe rap unlike the many other songs on “Bangerz”.
Overall, “Bangerz” on a scale from 1 to 10 is a 5. It isn’t anything spectacular and I expected a lot more. Something with a lot less whiny sounds and weird attempts at rap. But you should definitely look into a few of the songs such as “Adore You” and “#GETITRIGHT”. Unfortunately, many tracks on “Bangerz” are nothing more than an ignored download.
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