Fight the Dead; Fear the Living

Christina Repetti, Reporter

The Walking Dead was 2012’s No.1 show on TV! The Walking Dead is a fiction, horror, suspense, thriller, drama, and an adventure TV show. A zombie apocalypse broke out…nobody knows why or how it happened but luckily there are survivors. Waking up from a coma, Rick Grimes, one of the main characters, also known as Andrew Lincoln, finds himself in an empty, disgusting hospital. He goes on a search for his family and after a couple days he thankfully finds them safe with a group of survivors.

The show has been all about the few people left who have not yet been bitten or turned into zombies and they are trying to survive and find a way to fight the disease. The group gains people but always ends up losing some.

At the end of season 3’s finale Rick is still alive and he is the leader of the group. He makes the important decisions for the group’s best interest. There are five women, six men and a new born baby girl by the end of season three. But they run into a big group of other survivors who live in a town, called Woodbury, run by someone they call “The Governor”, David Morrissey, who is the leader in this group. He is a charming leader and soon he leaves Woodbury and “his people” move into the safe prison that Rick and “his people” live in. “I can’t wait till Season 4” says WHS freshman.

Season four just started October 13. It was a great episode. They had all new editions to the show: new characters, wall of knives, a barn, a horse and a pig pen. The episodes on Sunday nights have been great up until last Sunday night’s episode. The only part that was extravagant was the ending, Rick kicks out one of the main characters because of her poor decision of taking care of a new sickness going around in the prison. Last night’s episode wasn’t too hot either. But I won’t get into the details for the few that haven’t seen it yet. “This is by far my favorite show!” says WHS freshman Amanda Caruso. The rest of season 4 will be epic!