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Do You Hear the People Sing?

The cast of Wantagh High School’s production of Les Miserables

The Wantagh Theatre Department presented the well-known play “Les Misérables” at Wantagh High School on February 7-9. The actors and actresses did a phenomenal job with the show and impressed many people. Audience members have said that they felt like they were actually seeing a Broadway show. These comments demonstrate and show how hard both, the cast and crew worked to make sure that the play was the best it could be.

There were about 100 students involved with the show including cast and crew. Pat Constant starred as Jean Valjean, with Jordan Rabinowitz as Inspector Javert, Ryan Keane as the Bishop of Digne, Carly Censi as Fantine, Tyler Dema as Enjolras and Taylor Costello as Marius Pontmercy. Julie Polack as Young Cosette and Sophia Pinciotto played the role of Cosette, while Victoria Frusci as Young Eponine and Samantha Sanpietro depicted the devoted Eponine. Tylar Benedetto played Madame Thenardier and Rick Roberts played Thenardier and Mike Pastore as Gavroche. Cast members moved the audience to tears at points of the show. This performance displayed the Wantagh High School Theatre Department’s talent and shows how hard cast and crew members work on the show.

Wantagh’s students did such a great job singing all of the songs, that for many in the audience, the songs became stuck in their heads. Senior, Courtney Getty saw the show and said “I thought the acting in “Les Misérables” was fantastic. I felt as if the drama department worked so hard to make you feel like you were seeing it on Broadway. Carly (Censi) and Pat (Constant) were perfect in their roles too”.

Ms. Romano, Ms. Jones and Ms.Haas did a phenomenal job working with the students. Without them, there wouldn’t be a show. Ms. Romano is the director for the WHS plays, Ms. Haas works with the students on vocals and Ms. Jones is the advisor for stage crew. We look to them for advice as to how we can make the show run smoother and they help us in so many ways.

Ms. Romano had a lot of great things to say about her cast and their performance, “I was so proud of the cast and crew. Every year I am prouder and with “Les Mis” I was in the audience crying every night.”
She admits that it was a hard show and “It was one of our biggest productions but we were ready. We picked the show because it was right for the cast and the situation. I thought how do you do this there are 120 costumes? How do I put a barricade on stage, and how do I take it off?”

During the interview Ms. Romano remembered what she thought the first time a school had performed “Les Mis.”

“I remember the first school that did “Les Mis,” she said. “It was Holy Trinity in 2001. It was the first high school in the country to do it and I remember thinking he (the director) is insane! I can’t do “Les Mis” It’s too big! But then we did it and we did it well. I think it is a personal mile stone as well”.

“It was fun being part of the experience,” said Tom Lang, who was the constable in the play. “Our leads were amazing. My favorite character was Enjolras. Tyler did an outstanding job. Rick Roberts spin on Thenardier was more evil than comedic. Working on “Les Mis” was a great working experience because it made me realize that hard work really does pay off. I’m proud to say that I was a part of the show and how extraordinary the performance was.”