Readers Going Green

Readers Going Green

Kerri Shea, Reporter

It’s easy being Green for the award winning best selling author, John Green. Green’s debut novel, “Looking for Alaska” and his most recent novel “The Fault in Our Stars” achieved #1 in The New York Times Best Seller list in January 2012. The movie adaptation of TFIOS hit #1 at the box office and won several awards. Green is just getting started; he recently announced that he is helping to produce another movie, Paper Towns, which is based off of his Edgar Award winning novel.

Green recently announced on his twitter that Nat Wolff and Cara Delevigne would portray the main protagonists. Nat Wolff was also in “The Fault in Our Stars” and is looking forward to working with John Green again. Cara Delevigne is a British model that recently became interested in the world of acting, Green had said that her audition blew everyone away and she understands her character profoundly. The movie is expected to release July 31, 2015 and Green is very excited.

Green is not just a novelist, he is also well known for his videos on YouTube. He posts videos with his brother, Hank Green, and made several series of online videos and channels. His most popular is Crash Course; Crash Course is an educational channel that teaches science, history and literature. Green posts videos every week to keep his fans, “nerd fighters”, updated on everything he’s up to.

Green has achieved great success so far and he is only getting started. He recently stated that he is trying to write more books and has been planning more projects. Green has impacted many people and inspired them in many ways. He was included in Time’s magazine’s list of 100 most influential people. Fans of Green are looking forward to what Green has in store for the world.