Teens Addicted to Trivia Crack

Teens Addicted to Trivia Crack

Laura Mallon, Editor in Chief

The hottest new app can appear overnight, and recently Trivia Crack has been the game to play. Created and developed by “Etermax” the game is both fun and educational at the same time. Players can compete with friends, family or complete strangers and test their knowledge on various subjects at the spin of the colorful wheel.

The best part of the game is that everyone has a chance to win, even if you’re not as “smart” as your opponent. Sports, history, art, science, geography and entertainment everyone has a weakness and everyone has a strength. The questions range from very easy to very difficult, but a question that is easy for you might seem impossible to someone else.

Walk around the halls of Wantagh High School and you’re bound to hear students or teachers shouting out random questions looking for help. Next, you’ll hear a “Yes!” from an excited player who took a complete guess and got it correct.

“The cell phones are such an addiction,” said English teacher, Mr. Kravitz. “But I like that they are playing a game on their phones where they are learning. It’s better than most of the other stupid games that teens play – like Flappy Bird or Angry Birds. It’s exciting to hear them ask about history and geography and science.”