Binge Watching TV Shows – a Scary Addiction

Alyssa Giannetti, Reporter

Over the years teens and adults have become addicted to binge watching TV shows on websites like Netflix. When binge watchers go on Netflix, they can’t help but watch multiple episodes at a time. They get so obsessed with a series and they need to keep watching the next episode. The majority of the people I know are a victim of binge watching a series.

“I tried to fake sick and stay home from school so I can finish season six of Greys,” says WHS junior Julia Fazio. This shows that people are really addicted to watching their series. Usually they don’t mean to watch 5-10 episodes in a row, they just can’t help themselves and they need to watch the next episode.

I am a victim of binge watching Netflix. Just recently I started a new show called the Fosters. Over the past four days, I’ve watched a season and a half. I can just sit on my computer watching this show for hours upon hours. The only negative aspect of this is that since I am so addicted to this show, I push off my other assignments until the last minute.

“My wife forced me to binge watch ‘The Good Wife,’” said Mr. Kravitz. “I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, because I never thought I’d like it, but it’s a really good show.”

People tend to binge watch their TV shows because they get so emotionally attached to the show. No one intends to watch episode after episode, their mind just gets set on finishing their series. WHS junior Jamie Cohen says, “I watched 6 seasons of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and every episode I kept falling more and more in love with the Salvatore Brothers.”