Is Leo Oscar Worthy? Finally He Is!

Karen Kawecki, Reporter

Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in 36 movies, 6 of which he was nominated for an Academy Award. Even though he has won 3 Golden Globe Awards, 9 Screen Actor Guild Awards, and 3 MTV Movie Awards, he has never won an Oscar. Is his lack of Oscars because he’s not good enough, or is he just unpopular in Hollywood?

Many say that Leo isn’t an easy person to work with. When he was younger, he was removed from the set of the children’s television series “Romper Room” because he was disruptive. Most just don’t like his arrogance or pride in his work. But is that really a reason to not give someone an award?

In addition to dozens of movies, he was also in 8 TV shows, including “Roseanne” and “Saturday Night Live.” Leo has also produced 17 different pieces, was the writer for the documentary, “The 11th Hour,” and was a writer for the TV series, “Greensburg.” He has gotten hundreds of rave reviews and 154 nominations.

It’s obvious it’s not that Leo isn’t talented, so why not give him an Oscar? The Motion Picture Academy finally realized this and for his role in “The Revenant” he was awarded a gold statue for Best Actor in this year’s 88th annual Academy Awards, February 28.