Guns N’ Roses Fires up Fans with a Reunion Tour


Bridget Connolly, Reporter

Imagine if the band of your dreams has been broken up for decades. Now imagine them getting back together and going on tour 23 years later. This happened for many music fans in the year of 2016. Guns N’ Roses, formed in 1985, kicked off its “Not in This Lifetime Tour” June 23, 2016 in Michigan.

Many members of this band had drug issues and commitment issues which made the band an overall mess to the point that they starting breaking up by 1990. Although this is true, their music made up for it big time.

Guns N’ Roses first album came out in 1987, it was named “Appetite for Destruction.” This album is one of the most selling albums in America today with 30-39 million sold. It was a huge hit with teenagers during the 80’s. In 1988 they came out with their second studio album “G N’ R Lies,” another hit. Then the last two albums that the original Guns N’ Roses band put out were the “Use Your Illusion” part 1 and part 2. All of these albums were huge hits and they had a lot of fans because of them.

Then in 1990 drummer Steven Adler would fight with lead singer Axl Rose causing a lot of commotion and craziness within the band. Steven eventually was kicked out of the band due to his drug issues in 1990. This began the start of Guns N’ Roses unsteady band. All of this fame caused young Axl to become a bit crazy and he was unable to handle all of it. There was several times were Axl would leave a concert early or not come out do to issues with security or fans. This caused the band members to fight. Eventually after many unsteady years Slash (lead guitar player) left the band in 1996 and this started the “new” guns N’ Roses. After this there was never another album until “Chinese Democracy” came out in 2008, which they began recording back when slash was in the band. Axl was very precise about his albums and if they weren’t perfect it would take many years to publish it. This is another reason why the band broke up.

They all began to realize that the fame might have got the best of them and they were behaving ridiculously. This led them to make amends and get back together. All the rumors really got the press going and the general public crazy. The “Not in This Lifetime Tour”has already made $132 million dollars and their tour isn’t even over yet! Guns N’ Roses tour consists of playing at football stadiums in America, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.