Does a Day Go By without Seeing the Names Trump and Kardashians in Headlines

Audrey Abbate, Reporter

Who has never heard of the Trumps or The Kardashians? You cannot go a week without hearing or seeing their names in multiple media outlets like, The Daily Mail, The Post, People Magazine, or TIME Magazine. Do these two over-hyped families have a lot in common?

In reality, both families have successful business empires. Both empires have a leader who started his family’s ride to fame, The Kardashians became well known because the late Robert Kardashian Sr. was an attorney for his friend O.J Simpson during his infamous murder trial. Today, a lot of the Kardashians fame is thanks to business women and “momager” Kris Jenner.

Donald J. Trump, the current Republican candidate for president, was a privileged child growing up in the wealthy neighborhood of Jamaica Estates. Donald comes from a line of wealthy real estate developers.

The Kardashians and “The Donald” have definitely made an impact on the industry of reality television. Donald was the star of The Apprentice, this is where his famous line “You’re Fired” came from. The program was a family affair because Donald’s son Eric and daughter Ivanka made several appearances on the show. Trump left the show because of his candidacy for president.

Then there’s the long-running E! Reality show Keeping up with The Kardashians that’s produced by Ryan Seacrest. The show gives us an uncensored and dramatic perspective of The Kardashian-Jenner clan’s everyday lives. Keeping up with the Kardashians has recently finished its 12th season. This show is honestly a guilty pleasure of mine, it’s bad I will get addicted to it for hours.

In addition, both the Trump family and the Kardashians are connected to the wealthy Hilton family. Donald Trump discovered heiress Paris Hilton and helped her get into the modeling industry along with his daughter Ivanka. Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s best friend and assistant during Paris’s “The Simple Life” days.