A Summer of Concerts

Bridget Connolly, Reporter

How many concerts have you been to in one summer? I guess what you should ask yourself is, how many of your favorite bands go on tour at the same time? This summer I went to seven different concerts of my favorite bands, which made the best memories of my life.

I saw Guns N’ Roses (twice), Black Sabbath, Metallica, Journey, and Def Leppard. These rock legends were big in the 70’s and the 80’s.

All of these bands put on amazing performances that kept me rocking all night. Journey, Def Leppard and Black Sabbath played at Jones Beach Theatre. This venue is outdoors and in the middle of the Jones Beach Bay. Guns N’ Roses played on tour this year at football stadiums all around the world. I happened to get tickets to two different Guns N’ Roses concerts this summer. The first concert was in Philadelphia at the Lincoln Financial Field, July 14 and the second was at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey, July 23. Both shows were outstanding and probably the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Metallica put on an amazing show at the grass field in Central Park, September 24. All of these concerts were fantastic and it was worth all the time and travelling to go to them.

Considering these bands were formed over two decades ago, the members of the bands aren’t young. They definitely sound like they can be in their twenties like when the band started, but their ages are all over 50. Ozzy Osbourne (main singer in Black Sabbath) is 67 years old, Axl Rose (main singer in Guns N’ Roses) is 54 years old, Joe Elliott (main singer in Def Leppard) is 57 years old, and Neal Schon (Guitarist in Journey) is 62 years old. Although they are much older now than when they started, they’ve still got it! These bands all sounded amazing and it’s crazy that they’re all on tour at the same time.