Moana Diverse and Cutting Edge

Tyler Albrecht, Reporter

Disney’s recently released film, Moana, brings forth a new, refreshing adventure that really shines compared its other princess centered counterparts. From the loveable cast of characters, the striking animation, and, of course, the unforgettable music, Moana truly highlights the best of Disney’s abilities.

The movie starts us off 2,000 years ago on one of the many islands of ancient Oceania. There we meet Moana, a strong, youthful girl with a sparkling personality and a strong desire to explore the ocean. As we follow her on her quest across various different islands we stumble upon Maui, a comedic, self-righteous demi-god with a soft side. Both characters portray a beautiful representation of Polynesian people as well as bringing more diversity in culture, personality, body type, and skin color to the lineup of Disney’s memorable films.

The film doesn’t only rely on its characters to be enjoyable though, there’s still a lot more to love! One of the most unforgettable parts about Moana has to be the soundtrack. This movie is filled to the brim with delightful, well directed songs that really emphasize the nature trying to be conveyed throughout the story. From the exhilarating beats of Where You Are to the powerful vocals of How Far I’ll Go, the songs really succeed at stirring the emotions of the audience. Whether its excitement or sadness, you’re going to feel something while listening to these songs.

What makes the movie such a delight to watch is definitely the animation. Being the most advanced animation in a Disney film yet, it truly serves something charming to the eye. You can practically see all the heart put into each little movement of each little thing. Each curl of Moana’s hair, each wave of the ocean, each step and motion, each plant, each animal, it all ties together into making this colorful, sunny island setting beautiful in every way.

Considering all the praise for Moana, there’s probably a ton more reasons to be made as to how amazing it is but, these are definitely some of the most important aspects that make Moana such a top notch film.