This Is Us – Worth a Look

This Is Us - Worth a Look

Megan Lucey, Reporter

“This Is Us” is a comedy-drama series created by Dan Fogelman that debuted on NBC, September 20. The show is about family and connections of people who share the same birthday and how they are similar and different.

Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, and Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, were originally triplets but unfortunately their brother did not make it. The parents planned on bringing home three babies. So, they decided to adopt a third baby and named him Randall. Being the only African American in a white family, Randall has a tough childhood. Everytime he sees an African American family, he wonders if it is his family. Randall often feels as if he does not fit in the family.

Kate is the only female child in the family. Kate struggled with her weight and feels self-conscious. Kate’s mother is pretty and skinny and Kate compares herself to her a lot.

The show alternates between life when they were ten to present life when they are 36. It shows you their families and how they have grown. Kevin, Kate’s twin, is an actor quits one of his shows because of bad pay. He decides to move to New York to look for more job opportunities.

Only 10 episodes have aired but we have learned a lot about the characters and have grown to know their personalities.