Ed Sheeran Releases More Hit Songs

Emily Boden, Reporter

Ed Sheeran announced he is leaving all social media on December 13, 2015 to take a break from looking through a screen and work on his third album. Exactly one year later, Sheeran returned to all social media posting a plain blue image, that we would soon know to be the theme of his next album.

On January 1, the English singer announced the release of new music coming out on January 6. Sheeran’s huge fan base went crazy over the announcement of new music. Twitter went into a frenzy over his new music announcement.

Sheeran then released his two new singles “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You.” Official lyric videos were also released with the songs, letting fans learn the words even faster. Sheeran said, “Cause I’ve been away for a bit here’s two singles rather than one.” So far, this was a great start to the new year for Ed and his fans.

Sheeran scored the biggest Official UK Chart comeback since Adele, with both “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You,” according to Official Charts. No other artist has been at the first and second position on the charts at the same time. With 421,000 sales and streams, his opening week is bigger than Adele’s.

After the overwhelming reactions from all of his fans, Sheeran was taken away. “Truly overwhelmed with the reaction to these new songs. I’ve never had anything like this, thank you for all your wonderful messages,” the singer had posted this on all of his social media platforms to thank his fans.
Just when the fans thought it couldn’t get any better, Sheeran then announced he was releasing an album, called Divide, which is available for pre-order and will then be released on March 3. His new album is expected to go number one on the charts, just like his previous albums + (Plus) and X (multiply). After is long hiatus, fans are more than excited to see his comeback album.