So Many Global Hits

Audrey Abbate, Entertainment Editor

The American music scene changes every year. Genres like rap, dubstep, pop, or R&B music are always popular. Although, this year artists seem to be putting a different spin on it. We’re so used to our music being sung in English, but in 2017 a lot of new music has been in a foreign language. These international hits are introducing us to other artists we might not have even heard of before. Music can open our eyes to different cultures.

This summer there was a number of global hits. “Despacito” was the song of the summer; you heard that song everywhere you went. The Justin Bieber remix was a huge success in America. Now almost everyone knows the Puerto Rican singers Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi after “Despacito.” According to, “’Despacito’ is one of only seven [Spanish] songs to hit number one on the American charts.”

The musical trio, Major Lazer, collaborated with Brazilian artists Anitta and Pablo Vittar on “Sua Cara” in July. The single is sung in Portuguese. Apparently Pablo and Anitta are very popular in Brazil. Major Lazer has had many featured artists who are foreign.

I’m sure you’ve also heard the unique beat of the Latin song “Mi Gente.” This record was produced by the French DJ Willy William and sung by Colombian singer J Balvin.

I plan to listen to the popular South Korean boyband BTS. My friends like to enjoy listening to them. I love this new music because it’s giving Americans exposure to other parts of this amazing world. Somebody might even start learning a new language in the process.