Audrey Abbate, Entertainment Editor

Harvey Weinstein’s career is most likely doomed for the remainder of his life. Harvey’s life and reputation have deteriorated. Sexual assault allegations have been rampant in the media lately. Men and women still use their industrial power to their advantage. This whole Weinstein situation has its own Wikipedia page at this point.

Kate Beckinsale, Minka Kelly, Angelina Jolie, and Gwyneth Paltrow are a few of many Weinstein accusers. So far 76 women are on the lengthy list. The amount of accusers just keeps on growing. These accusations are influencing other sexual harassment victims to come forward.

Although these claims aren’t all aimed at Weinstein, many stars are speaking out about people in the heartless and selfish business that is Hollywood.

Weinstein hopes for a second chance, but it’s too late to say sorry. He went to rehab in Arizona after the revelations. Obviously, Weinstein has lost his credibility in the public eye. His awards are being taken away, his colleagues are out of the picture, and the Weinstein family is going to suffer. Who would want to work with this disturbed man after hearing this horrid news? Of course, his now ex-wife Georgina Chapman announced their divorce after the allegations. Georgina also has a high-end fashion line named Marchesa. I’ve seen Marchesa worn by many celebrities on red carpets. The scandal will definitely be detrimental to the line’s future.

Shows are even ending production because of the actor’s irremovable mistakes. Actor Kevin Spacey, from House of Cards, has also been accused of harassment towards a 14-year-old male actor. House of Cards is now ending after six seasons. The cast was already in the process of filming another season. Fans are extremely upset.

The majority of the allegations are coming from actresses directed towards males, but Jennifer Lawrence proves that women aren’t so innocent either. She shared a disturbing experience when she was 16 with a female producer. Sexual harassment can happen between any one, gender doesn’t matter.

On the bright side, this scandal has created a new hashtag and movement. “#MeToo” is a movement that’s been trending on social media where people are sharing their scary sexual harassment experiences.

It’s great that these victims are inspiring others to speak up and bringing awareness to this serious issue.