Logan Paul Makes a Controversial Comeback

Logan Paul Makes a Controversial Comeback

Jenna Miller, Associate Editor

YouTube vlogger (video blogger) Logan Paul made waves in the news at the very end of 2017 with his controversial video series involving his trip to Japan, in which he displayed extremely disrespectful behavior including filming a dead body in the “suicide forest” Aokigahara (青木ヶ原). After being punished by YouTube for his unacceptable behavior beginning January 11, Paul has made a comeback to the video-sharing site February 4 after a hiatus he took to reflect on his behavior – and he hasn’t changed one bit.

Paul’s latest videos have caused much excitement in both a positive and in a negative sense. His fans are legitimately thrilled to have him back – when he announced his return on Twitter, fans Tweeted him that his “videos make [their] day and bring laughter and joy into [their] life” and they have “been waiting patiently for [him] to come back”, stating they are “beyond happy” with his return. Paul’s latest vlog, however, is in the same vein as his usual videos; he brags about the number of likes he gets on Instagram and even stating that many of the comments he received on his photos “are telling me to go get run over by a car—but that’s engagement, bro. I’ll take it.” Clearly, Paul has not turned over a new leaf.

The video in which Paul talked about his return was even pushed by YouTube into the “recommended videos” section for people who aren’t even subscribed to Paul’s channel – of course, with all the controversy surrounding him, this caused an uproar online. It is unknown as to how this happened, but YouTube quickly noticed the problem after the outcry surrounding it and fixed their algorithms so that only Paul’s subscribers would see the video as a recommendation.

Since returning, Paul has still been getting into trouble – from tasering dead animals to making jokes relating to the dangerous new fad of eating Tide Pods, YouTube removed all advertisements from his videos as punishment. Paul will not be banned from the website despite his controversial and reckless behaviors, as he has not violated enough of YouTube’s policies to warrant a ban.