Any Rock ‘N’ Roll Alive Out There?

Brandon Schroh, Reporter

While music remains as a key part of our culture, it seems a lot more automated nowadays. A lack of instruments is apparent and it seems as though the pop and hip hop genres have completely engulfed the radio and music industry as a whole. It’s rare to hear a new popular song featuring an electric guitar or a drum solo. Has rock lost prominence in today’s music industry?

It is difficult to say if rock is dead because rock takes many forms. The classic rock given to us by artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd have more or less left the scene of popular music. While their legacy will always remain, there are no current bands with their breed of rock. However some of these specific bands continue to release music and perform. In 2016, The Rolling Stones released a new album and some bands such as Bon Jovi continue to do tours. So while their presence may be a bit more low key, they continue to impact the music industry.

Also, while people may hate to admit it, rock has evolved into several sub-genres that may be more prominent than rock and rolls original identity. Alternative and Punk rock bands such as Fallout Boy and Twenty One Pilots continue to thrive (despite the fact that aspects of pop are present) . Many may argue that this isn’t “real” rock ‘n’ roll, and maybe it isn’t. However, this is the stage rock is currently in during our generation.

While rock ‘n’ roll’s decrease in prominence in popular radio is evident calling rock and roll dead is an exaggeration. While many stars such as David Bowie have sadly passed in recent years it doesn’t mean rock as a genre is dead. Bands from the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll are still honored and listened to by millions of people. Furthermore subgenres of rock exist in popular music and some independent artists who may not be as known as today’s biggest stars continue to keep rock alive. While rock and roll may be overlooked by today’s music executives, rock legends like Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones, indie and alternative rock bands, and fans of rock keep the genre alive.