“13 reasons Why” – Season 2


Reilly Brady, Reporter

If you have seen the heartbreaking hit Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” then you know Hannah Baker.

The story of Hannah Baker’s tragic fate and the effect it had on other students in her school was a deep show that hit Netflix around March of 2017.

Hannah Baker was a regular teenage girl who went to Liberty High. She was shy and quiet and had a couple of friends, but, those friends came and left. Hannah decides she is going to take her life, but before she does she records 13 tapes, hinting at her decision. Two weeks after the tragedy, a boy named Clay Jensen who actually had a crush on Hannah, finds a mysterious box on his porch which happen to be the tapes that Hannah had left behind. The series is told from Clay’s perspective as he listens to the tapes for months trying to piece together Hannah’s story.

When fans of the show found out about season 2, they were confused as to what it would be about. Hannah already commit suicide and all the tapes have been listened to. What else is there to see?
The season 2 trailer shows a series of polaroids. Clay Jensen, main character who followed the story of Hannah’s death, is shown at the end of the trailer holding a picture of half of Hannah’s face. He then flips the polaroid around to find a note saying, “the tapes were just the beginning.”

On May 18 season 2 will be released on Netflix. Finally all of the confusion about the floating rumors will be either proved right or wrong.