Taking a Child to an R-rated Film – Child Abuse?

Julia DeLuca, Reporter

Do you think that a parent taking their underage child to an R-rated movie is abusive? Some people think so. Hollywood producer and director, Stephen Simon, believed so.

A mother in Portland took her child, around the age of 5, to the R-rated movie, “End of Watch.”

Simon was there to see this. “I thought, this is child abuse,” Simon said. Simon took this to Child Protective Services. They didn’t think it was a huge issue. It probably wasn’t a good idea to take her child to an R-rated movie but it’s definitely not abuse.
At least that’s my opinion. “End of Watch” is rated R because “of strong violence, some disturbing images, pervasive language including sexual references, and some drug use” says the website IMDb.

If there are sexual references it’s not that bad because the child is around the age of kindergartener and most likely won’t even understand it. There is also very vulgar language.

“The f word is actually used more than 300 times as stated in the trivia,” says an anonymous person on the website IMDb. The child probably shouldn’t be hearing that word on repeat, but if the child knows not to say it, then I guess that’s okay. There really is no excuse for a kid to be seeing the act of drug use, but besides that one part it’s not that terrible. I don’t completely agree with the mother taking her kid to that kind of movie but I don’t see that as abuse. What do you think?